Virtual Shopping

Connect your online shoppers with your store associates through 1-to-1 video calls.


The best of your in-store experience for your online shoppers

Enhance your digital customer experience and boost conversion rates by connecting your online shoppers with your store associates through 1-to-1 video calls.


Connect online shoppers with one of your experts

Online customers can easily book a video shopping appointment or be connected right away with one of your store associates when they need it through a dedicated widget on your ecommerce website.

Offer a unique personal shopping experience

Store associates interact with your shoppers in real-time through video calls so they can show them products and give them personalized advice, as if they were in-store.

Fill in your shopping basket and check out

While your store associates showcase products, they can share product pages with customers directly within the video call.

Customers can add products to their online basket during the call and easily check out on your ecommerce website at the end.

Take your digital customer experience to the next level

  • Make your online experience human
    Create authentic and personal interactions between your customers and your store teams
  • Boost conversion rates
    Increase online conversions by leveraging the expertise of your store teams
  • Offer innovative experiences
    Step into the future of retail with the truly omnichannel experience that your customers want

They’re using virtual shopping