The Frontline Employee
Experience With AI

Scale frontline communications, training, and task management with NEO, our suite of powerful AI tools.

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The Frontline Employee
Experience With AI

Scale frontline communications, training, and task management with NEO, our suite of powerful AI tools.

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NEO drives productivity & revenue while providing enhanced experiences for frontline workers

Do more (and better) with less

NEO helps create dynamic microlearning courses, tasks, and posts in a matter of minutes. Now, even resource-strapped HQ teams can rapidly generate and distribute quality content at scale.

Elevate frontline productivity & knowledge

Create custom chatbots with NEO Assistant to cut support tickets, build an informed team, and drive efficiency by providing quick solutions to queries.

Build a true sense of community

Engaged employees are more successful and stay longer. NEO enhances how managers ideate, create, and moderate communications to boost productivity and meaningful connection.

The future of frontline workforce management lies in the effective utilization of AI

“AI is no longer just an aspiration in the retail sector; it’s a reality reshaping every facet of the industry.

Beyond personalized recommendations and inventory predictions, AI is also creating a smart, responsive, data-driven framework for employee and workforce management.

By transforming multiple dimensions of retail operations, AI is setting a new standard in retail, driving both efficiency and growth.”

— Leslie Hand, Group Vice President, IDC Retail Insights

NEO’s key features

Natively integrated with YOOBIC’s existing workflow, NEO is easy and intuitive for frontline leaders, admins, and managers to utilize daily in training, communications, and tasks.

Authors high-quality lessons and quizzes from existing content

Drafts personalized Newsfeed posts and generates images

Monitors communications to detect inappropriate posts or comments

Generates interactive checklists, forms, and tasks from documents or prompts

Creates custom chatbots using conversational generative AI

Get to know NEO’s suite of AI tools

NEO Assistant:

Give your frontline teams instant answers, when they need them

  • Create dynamic chatbots to seamlessly deliver timely answers to your frontline teams.
  • Significantly reduce the volume of support tickets and drive productivity
  • Empower frontline teams with knowledge and cultivate a well-informed workforce

Reduce support tickets and drive efficiency

NEO L&D Designer:

Accelerate & improve training program creation beyond traditional LMS capabilities

  • Create dynamic lessons and quizzes from existing content (including videos and ungated webpages)
  • Target courses and learning paths to a specific group of users
  • Advanced multi-language translation capabilities for unified global learning

Reduce the time it takes to create training programs by 75%

NEO Task & Form Creator:

Create interactive checklists and tasks from a document or prompt

  • Transforms operational documents into ready-to-use task lists, or customize in a few clicks
  • No document? Generate tasks from your own prompt by simply describing what you want to check or get done

Reduce time spent on tasks and forms creation by 90

NEO Form Generator AI

NEO Writer:

Draft engaging messages & generate high-quality images for the YOOBIC Newsfeed

  • Diverse selection of prompts and custom commands for crafting company updates, employee recognition, wellbeing advice, and more
  • Settings to define tone, format, and length of post to create scalable content that resonates with different employee audience groups
  • Ensures message is well written and appropriate even if it’s not in an employee’s native language

Cut time spent on creating quality communications by 75%

NEO Moderator:

Check for inappropriate user-generated content

  • Automatically flags inappropriate posts or comments for Admin review
  • Displays an alert to the user if a post is recognized as inappropriate
  • Inappropriate content automatically categorized as sexual, hate, violence, or self-harm

Encourage open participation and maintain a respectful environment

The future of retail and hospitality operations is here…
and it’s powered by YOOBIC NEO.

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