Empower your frontline employees to deliver the perfect guest experience in all your locations

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Deliver the perfect
guest experience

YOOBIC helps restaurant, fast-food & coffee chains to gain full visibility into execution on operations and streamline processes such as site visits and SOP, while keeping their frontline teams engaged and well trained. This enables them to deliver a better and more consistent guest experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

Deliver the perfect<br/> guest experience

Empower your frontline employees
with a single platform

Effective and Standardized Site Audits
Effective and Standardized Site Audits

Forget about paper checklists, spreadsheets and time-consuming reports. Your regional managers can complete their audit checklists digitally, assign action plans and immediately send the report to the general manager.

At HQ, you get a real-time overview of all audits in your automated dashboard to track compliance and ensure a consistent guest experience.

Efficient SOP and Promotion Execution
Efficient SOP and Promotion Execution

Send menu updates, Limited Time Offers or SOPs instantly to your sites and confirm implementation so you give feedback in real-time, if needed.

HQ teams have full visibility into execution remotely and can analyze compliance with the automated dashboards and photo library.

Better Trained Frontline Teams
Better Trained Frontline Teams

Easily onboard new employees and continuously train your frontline teams by sending them microlearning courses on SOP, health & safety, new menus or service.

Test their knowledge with short quizzes and live battles. Encourage them to learn even more by rewarding them with badges and points.

Engaged & Motivated Employees
Engaged & Motivated Employees

Drive a better customer experience and increase talent retention by engaging your frontline teams with interactive & modern communication tools.

Share news and communicate through group chats and collect qualitative customer feedback on menus or LTOs via your own interactive company newsfeed.

Effective and Standardized Site Audits
Efficient SOP and Promotion Execution
Better Trained Frontline Teams
Engaged & Motivated Employees


"We were looking for an all-in-one and easy-to-use solution to streamline communication and guarantee consistency across all our locations. YOOBIC was the only solution that was covering all our needs: team communication as well as employee training and engagement."
Julien Perret | CEO & founder at BCHEF

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