Mobile Learning

Empower Your Frontline Teams With a New Way of Learning

Give your frontline teams the power to develop their skills whenever they want with a collaborative, gamified mobile learning platform.

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Transform the Way you Train your Workforce

Today’s workforce is expecting training to be modern and engaging. Boost your frontline teams’ skills by providing them with a mobile training platform they’ll love using. YOOBIC’s SCORM compatible solution enables you to easily import, create and distribute microlearning content. Motivate employees with rewards and easily analyze the results of your training programs.

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Empower Your Workforce
With Mobile Learning

Easy Content Management

Design, import and distribute SCORM training content in minutes in YOOBIC’s easy-to-use learning management platform. Translate courses automatically with our multi-language tool if needed. Assign courses to employees and alert them through push notifications when new content is available.

Engaging Microlearning

Onboard new employees quickly and continuously develop their skills with engaging bite-sized training content including videos, images, documents, etc. Test their knowledge with fun quizzes. Reward them with points and badges to encourage them to learn more.

microlearning from frontline teams

Gamified Experience

Make learning fun and engaging through gamification. Battles, badges, points and leaderboard in YOOBIC are made to motivate your frontline teams to learn more. Create incentivized challenges to foster healthy competition and reward top performers.

Gamification of Learning

Social Learning

Create a culture of collaboration and foster a community spirit with social learning. YOOBIC gives your frontline teams a place where they can exchange best practices, ask and answer questions, and support each other’s training. Leverage your workforce’s hidden knowledge and empower subject matter experts.

Actionable Insights

Measure your employees’ progress and engagement with your training content in your dashboards. Evaluate the impact of your training on performance by correlating learning data with other KPIs such as sales, productivity or employee retention. Integrate YOOBIC’s data in your LMS if needed.

Analyse Training Progress and Impact
  • Speed TrainingSpeed Training
    Speed Training
    Train your employees faster with microlearning courses available anywhere and anytime
  • Easy to Use Easy to Use
    Enhanced Engagement
    Create a culture of learning with fun training content, exciting rewards and a community spirit.
  • Complete AccuracyComplete Accuracy
    Powerful Analytics
    Easily analyze your employees’ progress and the effectiveness of your training programs through powerful insights

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