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Streamline all your processes, gain full visibility into task execution, and empower your frontline employees to be more productive.

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Manage All Tasks in One Place

Give your frontline workforce everything they need to be more efficient, in the palm of their hands. YOOBIC digitizes tasks for frontline teams, everything from checklists and audits to standard operating procedures. You gain real-time overview into operational execution so you can easily analyze compliance and take action faster.

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Effective Visits & Inspections

Stop juggling paper forms, excel sheets and emails. Use one intuitive app to manage your visit and audit checklists, assign action plans, and automate pass/fail scores to save time and keep all your sites performing at their best.

Perfect Task Execution

Make it easy for your frontline teams to execute tasks accurately and on time. From standard operating procedures to promotional and merchandising execution, YOOBIC enables you to gain visibility and ensure task completion across all your sites.

Task execution

Unified Health & Safety Procedures

Digitize all your health & safety routines such as inspections, checklists and temperature log sheets. Detect issues immediately to guarantee the safety of your frontline employees and customers.

Health and Safety Procedures

Fast Request Resolution

Easily receive and resolve requests from your frontline teams (maintenance, equipment, damages, etc.) through a virtual helpdesk to enable them to focus on what matters. Analyze the root cause of all requests to eradicate costs and put in place long term fixes.

Fast Request Resolution

Real-time Analytics

With a unified platform for task management, you are better able to analyze data and take action. With the possibility to connect with other systems, the YOOBIC real-time analytic dashboards give you a clear overview of what’s happening in the field, while enabling you to measure performance and identify trends.

Discover our Customers' Success Stories

“Lancôme US has thousands of points of sale so we have a lot of complexity with what different retailers are doing at different times. With YOOBIC, we have real-time visibility into what’s happening in our stores. Before, it would sometimes take us months to recognize we had a problem, with YOOBIC we can see it very quickly”
Andrew Armstrong | Field Vice President of Sales at Lancôme USA
"We were looking for an all-in-one and easy-to-use solution to streamline communication and guarantee consistency across all our locations. YOOBIC was the only solution that was covering all our needs: team communication as well as employee training and engagement."
Julien Perret | CEO & founder at BCHEF, Fast-casual Restaurant Chain
"We use Yoobic for all our day-to-day activities - from stock controlling to operations, from product training to induction for new starters. We save so much time and energy so we can focus it on what actually matters.“
Andrea Dorotovics | Store Manager at Kenzo
  • Easy to Use Easy to Use
    Repeatable Processes
    Streamline and standardize all your processes so everyone is on the same page
  • Complete AccuracyComplete Accuracy
    Increased Productivity
    Make it easy and efficient for frontline teams to execute tasks accurately and on time
  • Fast ExecutionFast Execution
    Complete Visibility
    Gain visibility into task execution and potential bottlenecks with real-time analytics


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