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YOOBIC's Mission: Support Frontline Teams

Our mission is to create a better everyday working experience for frontline teams while helping businesses drive performance at scale.

It’s why we built a Frontline Employee Experience Platform dedicated to overcoming deskless workers’ challenges.

YOOBIC ONE is a mobile-first app empowering workers with everything they need in the flow of their daily work.

Frontline Team Challenges

YOOBIC helps you overcome 3 common challenges that stand in the way of frontline workers’ performance.

  • Underserved

    of frontline employees
    still use paper forms

  • Disconnected

    feel disconnected
    from HQ teams

  • Undertrained

    report being trained
    once a year or less

YOOBIC's Answer

YOOBIC's Frontline Employee Experience Platform improves employee communication, collaboration and working experience.

  • Empowered

    digitized processes and forms

  • Connected

    communication frequency - no emails

  • Skilled

    training frequency

YOOBIC ONE Frontline Employee Experience Platform (FEXP)

With the deskless employee experience in mind, the YOOBIC platform empowers your frontline teams to perform their best.

YOOBIC ONE combines employee communication, mobile learning and task management in one mobile-first solution.
Powerful analytics tools and an AI engine help you make better decisions faster.

“Digital workplace solutions for store associates offer a path to improve day-to-day task compliance, streamline communication across locations and associates, and build associate knowledge and skills quickly and efficiently to simultaneously tackle these integrated challenges.”
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Steven Winnick, Senior Analyst
Steven Winnick, Senior Analyst
"YOOBIC is a featured innovator in the Coresight Research Innovator Matrix: Workforce Management report, standing out as a leader by providing an all-in-one solution that is tailored to meet the complex demands of today's retailers. Its innovative approach, merging AI-powered insights with essential tools for communication and deskless workforce management, exemplifies the company’s deep understanding of the retail landscape."

What Sets YOOBIC Apart

Best-in-class Customer Service

Each customer gets a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help them achieve their business objectives, drive adoption and get fast ROI and time-to-implementation.

Secure, Robust and Scalable

We adhere to the market’s most rigorous security protocols, while delivering reliable availability. The YOOBIC platform is easy for organizations to progressively implement new use cases and to deploy to more users and geographies.

Global Expertise in over 80 Countries

YOOBIC's Customer Operations have managed worldwide project deployments in 80+ countries. The team dedicated to your project are experts in your industry, sharing proven and reliable best practices.

AI Powered Platform

YOOBIC delivers proprietary AI algorithms to help you transform data into immediate actions to maximize the business impact.

What our Customers Say

Michelle Lettner, senior VP, HR
Michelle Lettner, senior VP, HR
"At Roots, we’re committed to creating a positive workplace that empowers and engages all our employees on a daily basis. YOOBIC's solution gives us the connective tissue we need to keep our employees energized and in sync with one another."
Brent Paulsen, Managing Director, Head of Retail
Brent Paulsen, Managing Director, Head of Retail
"YOOBIC’s digital workplace gives our associates the support and tools they need to dazzle our customers and deliver consistent excellence every single time someone walks into the store."
Livio Tabbi, VP sales EMEA & north America
Livio Tabbi, VP sales EMEA & north America
"Despite the high turnover we have amongst retail teams, it is imperative that guidelines are executed in every store. YOOBIC has enabled us to optimize store communications, digitize store procedures, and improve compliance across our network."
Kevin Cooper, director of leadership and development
Kevin Cooper, director of leadership and development
"By partnering with YOOBIC, we are investing in developing the people who make BurgerFi possible — our team members. Through the platform, employees have access to our world-class training resources at their fingertips."
Kinjal Patel, Pharmacist at Boots
Kinjal Patel, Pharmacist at Boots
"This is the best thing that has happened to Boots. It helps with compliance and freeing up time to have a colleague always in the right place at the right time.”
Thibaut Lièvre, Head of Sales Organisation at Lidl France
Thibaut Lièvre, Head of Sales Organisation at Lidl France
"Before YOOBIC, it was difficult for us to understand the situation of our supermarkets across the country. Now we are able to monitor compliance in real-time and understand our strengths and areas for improvement.”

You're in good company

350+ companies across the world are already empowering their frontline teams with YOOBIC.