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Optimize all your store operational processes

YOOBIC helps grocery retailers streamline store operations and processes such as audits, task execution and expiration date checks while keeping their frontline teams engaged and well trained. This enables them to increase productivity and deliver a more consistent customer experience across the store network.

Optimize all your store operational processes

More efficient Store Visits

Forget about paper checklists, spreadsheets and time-consuming reports. Your area managers can complete their store audits digitally, assign action plans and immediately send the report to the store manager. HQ now has a real-time overview of all visits and can easily track compliance in an automated dashboard.

Simplified promotion execution & task management

Send promotions and tasks instantly to any of your stores. Get store teams to respond with images so you can track deployment in real-time and easily comment with feedback. Automated dashboards make it easy for HQ to analyze compliance and view pictures of the displays implemented in each store.

Date Tracking

Reduce food waste by 20% and improve frontline employees' productivity by digitizing the time-consuming daily checking of expiration dates. With YOOBIC, this process is systematic and fast, focusing only on the products that will soon reach their expiration date. Aisle Managers get daily notifications to check the right products and they can easily create discounts on soon-to-expire products.

Better Trained & Informed Associates

Share news with all your frontline employees through your own newsfeed and chat. Strengthen your teams through interactive training, performance incentives, and social learning. Test their knowledge with short quizzes and motivate them to learn even more with challenges, battles, badges, and rewards!

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