Effective Inbound & Outbound Quality Inspections

Digitize your entire quality inspection process to make it efficient and systematic.


Empower Your Warehouse Teams

The quality inspection process in warehouses is often manual and overly time-consuming. When an issue is detected, it requires numerous systems and exchanges of emails between warehouse operators, logistics teams, purchasing departments, and suppliers to resolve. YOOBIC digitizes this entire process, from inspection checklists to the reporting of issues and approval by different stakeholders, making it efficient and transparent.

Efficient Inbound & Outbound
Inspections With YOOBIC

Step 1

Logistics teams can create their inbound & outbound quality inspection processes with customized steps and forms to be completed by each stakeholder in the intuitive workflow builder. To manage delivery issues, they can create different workflows depending on the type of issue reported (delays, packaging, damages, temperature, quality, etc.)

Step 2

At warehouses, operatives can complete their inbound & outbound quality inspection checklist digitally in the YOOBIC app. When they detect an issue, they can easily and immediately report it by filling in a quick & intuitive form that can include rich fields such as photos, documents, barcodes and supplier codes. This is fully integrated with your WMS.

Step 3

Issue reports are automatically sent to the next stakeholder(s) in the chain for approval. You don't have to exchange multiple emails and switch from one system to another to ensure everyone is kept in the loop.

Step 4

Once all the steps of the process have been completed, a report can automatically be sent to the supplier. At HQ, logistics and supply chain teams have clear visibility into all quality inspections completed and delivery issues raised. You can analyze them by type, supplier, location or operative in consolidated dashboards. If required, you can automatically calculate and trigger supplier penalties.

  • Reduction of Food WasteReduction of Food Waste
    Save precious time of warehouse workers by making the process simple and fast
  • Increased ProductivityIncreased Productivity
    Reduce quality issues and errors by 30% with a systematic process
  • Better customer experienceBetter customer experience
    Improve Supplier
    Collaborate with suppliers to increase quality through better visibility

Zebra Registered ISV partner

YOOBIC is a registered ISV partner of Zebra technology which means YOOBIC is fully compatible with Zebra devices. By using Zebra devices to access YOOBIC, your warehouse workers' user experience is optimal.