Why Choose
YOOBIC vs Reflexis

YOOBIC is the Reflexis alternative that drives real-time operational excellence while drastically improving the frontline employee working experience. Finally, one unified platform that both leaders and frontline teams enjoy using.

Reflexis was a pioneer.
We’re charting the future.

Back in 2001, Reflexis was a trailblazer in retail operations technology. Modern frontline employee experience platforms like YOOBIC wouldn’t be what they are today without them.

That said, you’re here for a reason. And the fact of the matter is, Reflexis is a rigid legacy tool that doesn’t scale with your business.

If you’re okay with your store teams jumping through a few hoops to manage even simple tasks and communication, YOOBIC probably won’t be a good fit for you. But if you care about empowering your frontline to exceed performance levels and build customer trust like never before — you’re in the right place.

A fundamentally different user experience for frontline teams

Other Retail Operations Tech

Does one or two things well enough but lacks the workflow orchestration and user experience necessary for frontline teams to achieve operational excellence and thrive.

The YOOBIC Experience

Designed to create the most engaging and productive digital workplace for frontline teams, with a robust suite of task management, communication, and training tools — all in the flow of work.

100% Digitized Checklists & Audits

Quick Tasks & Action Plans

Store Service Requests

Targeted Newsfeeds

1to1 Messaging & Group Chat

Two-Way Communication & Feedback Loops

No-Code Content Builder

Predictive AI Technology

250+ Integrations

(Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, Power BI)

Advanced Analytics with Customizable Dashboards

Employee Engagement Metrics

Plug & Play

(Compatible with Zebra Hardware)

YOOBIC’s task management tools have been really great for visibility and accountability at the boutique level, the district level, and at the Home Office level — because we can see all the tasks, who completed them, and when they completed them. As a District Leader, you can see the completion rates from your teams, and then, at the Home Office level, we can see that and drill down into the details if we need it.”

Sarah Brown – Director Of Field Training & Guest Experience, Francesca’s

Associate-Friendly Task Management

  • YOOBIC digitizes tasks for frontline teams — everything from checklists and audits to standard operating procedures. And you gain real-time overview into operational execution so you can easily analyze compliance, get store feedback, and take action faster.
  • Some former Reflexis users said task assignment and execution was so frustrating, they decided to implement a secondary task management tool with a better user experience to get results.

Advanced, yet approachable, analytics & actionable insights

  • With YOOBIC’s automated and role-based dashboards, no-code customizations, Power BI integration, and predictive AI technology — every level of the hierarchy can contribute to better decision-making to eliminate inefficiencies, improve compliance, and enhance productivity on-site.
  • Reflexis’ reporting functions are difficult to use and understand. One former customer said they had to hire an external resource to help build and maintain their Reflexis dashboards.

Engaging, intuitive user experience

  • YOOBIC’s social media-like interface and gamified features drive fast, frequent usage. Both frontline teams and leaders find it easy and enjoyable. Just one reason YOOBIC has a 90% adoption rate.
  • Reflexis has a dated user interface that former users called “clunky,” and requires “a learning curve.”

Unbeatable customer support, forever

  • Every YOOBIC customer has the support of a dedicated Account Manager and Customer Success Manager who are always ready to help troubleshoot issues, strategize workflows, accept feedback, and celebrate your wins. One customer said, “YOOBIC has our best interests at heart!” We’re inclined to agree with them.
  • Some Reflexis users have reported challenges with getting timely and effective support once their onboarding period is complete. (One user said they would have purchased additional coverage had they known.)

Deploy a more reliable, flexible, and scalable solution

Your field teams shouldn’t have to struggle with legacy tools that worked well enough in the past but don’t make sense anymore, and maybe haven’t for a long time.

There’s a reason YOOBIC is the preferred choice of enterprises: It was built for the challenges of modern deskless workers — bridging the gap between workforce orchestration, execution, and employee experience.

  • 350+ customers worldwide
  • 90%+ program adoption rate
  • 95%+ renewal rate
  • 30 Senior Strategic Advisors and a vibrant Customer Community with active user groups

“YOOBIC has helped us solve a huge number of challenges by offering an all-in-one solution where we can communicate with our team, send out training, and have operational checklists to make sure we’re executing at our best… After doing dozens of demos with different pieces of technology, when we met the YOOBIC team it was almost too good to be true.”

Samantha Rubino
Former Director Of Operational Excellence
Bolay Fresh Bold Kitchen

See why YOOBIC is consistently rated the #1 platform for retail

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