Employee Communication Platform YOOBIC
Employee Communication YOOBIC

Connect Your Frontline Teams
Create a Community.

Communicate effectively with all of your employees and keep them engaged and informed with YOOBIC.

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Connect Everyone in One Digital Platform

Increase employee retention and motivation by connecting them all together. With YOOBIC, you can reach your frontline teams easily, facilitate collaboration and listen to everyone's feedback through a unified employee communication platform, built for today’s modern workforce.

Employee Communication Connected Workforce

Transform your
internal communication

Interactive Newsfeed

Keep everyone on the same page and motivated by sharing the latest news, success and activity via your own social media app. Give a voice to everyone by encouraging employees to share posts and collect feedback through interactive polls.

Centralized KnowledgeLibrary

Share the employee handbook, important documents and procedures easily through your digital document repository. Encourage everyone to ask questions and contribute in your own Q&A forum. Easy-to-use filters make it simple for your team to find the information they need, when they need it.

Unified Communication

Stop using disparate communication channels to connect with your deskless workforce.
Reach your employees immediately through one-to-one messaging. Create group chats or video calls to facilitate richer conversation and collaboration.

Centralized Communication

Live Video

Start a live video to be with your deskless employees in real-time or to organize a remote training session. Answer their questions and reactions in the moment and share the video on your newsfeed afterward for those that missed it.

Engagement Analysis

Measure engagement by tracking active users, posts, likes and comments. Analyze emotions and behaviors using Sentiment Analysis (AI) in your real-time dashboard. Quantify employee satisfaction and take action to boost employee retention and advocacy.

Watch our Customers' Success Stories

"YOOBIC has been a great tool to help us transition from online-only to physical retail: it helps us attain near-perfect operational execution in-store, as well as train and engage with our teams."
Camille Kress | Director of retail
  • Informed EmployeesInformed Employees
    Informed Employees
    Empower your workforce to perform at their best by giving them the information they need
  • Increased RetentionIncreased Retention
    Increased Retention
    Boost employee retention by driving employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Connected CommunityConnected Community
    Connected Community
    Create an environment where employees can engage and interact with each other

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