YOOBIC Integrations

Fuse the YOOBIC platform with your business ecosystem and applications to automate actions, exchange data and increase productivity.

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200+ Out-of-the-box Integrations

  • Built-in integration with SharePoint, YouTube, Salesforce and more
  • Zero-code integrations with third-party systems
  • Business data integration
  • Triggers for actions based on other app events

Custom Integration with the YOOBIC API

YOOBIC's public, documented API automates data transfers between YOOBIC and third-party platforms such as cloud services, CRM, ERP, BI tools and more.

The YOOBIC API works with REST API standards and runs over the HTTP protocol using a JSON format (CRUD functions).

Business App Integration

  • Integrate your POS system with YOOBIC - including showing business data such as quantities and prices
  • Update your ERP when YOOBIC missions are complete
  • Create YOOBIC missions when customers order online to pick up in-store
  • Act immediately on Google Reviews
  • Analyze YOOBIC data in your BI tools via an external SQL database
  • And more...

HR and User Management Integration

  • Synchronize users with directories and HR systems
  • Automate onboarding, annual reviews and terminations
  • Update compliance status and collect e-signatures upon mandatory course completion
  • And much more...

Communication and Engagement Integration

  • Create LinkedIn posts automatically when posting in the YOOBIC newsfeed
  • Share news from Instagram posts
  • Send confirmation emails when YOOBIC missions are complete
  • Send Teams and Yammer messages with copies of YOOBIC newsfeed posts
  • And much more...

Microlearning Integration

  • Update compliance status upon completion of a course
  • Trigger courses for users based on external app events
  • Collect and analyze quiz results in HR and LMS systems
  • Integrate your course content tools or services using SCORM to enable deskless employees
  • And much more...

Why Integrations Are Critical

Reduced Costs

Reduce operating costs by synchronizing your core systems such as an employee directory, site information or other databases.

Improved Efficiency

Improve efficiency and productivity by making data available in the right place on the right tool.

Better Customer Experience

Deliver a high-quality customer experience with a well-managed information flow.

Faster Decisions

Act faster with automated alerts and auto-assignments.

DISCLAIMER: The information and vendor references shown, including their brand names and logos, are meant for general information purposes only. YOOBIC may not have any official affiliation and/or partnership with any of the software companies listed, nor does their inclusion on this list serve as their endorsement of the YOOBIC platform. Please contact us for more information.