Efficient Expiration Date Tracking

Reduce food waste and improve the productivity of your teams by digitizing the daily control of expiry dates.


Fighting against food waste

YOOBIC's technology helps supermarkets digitize the time-consuming process of checking the expiration dates of short-life products. This enables grocery retailers to reduce food waste, improve colleagues’ productivity and increase revenue through promotions in-store and online.

  • Reduction of Food Waste
    Food Waste Reduction
    Reduced by 20% fresh product food waste
  • Increased Productivity
    Increased Productivity
    66% less time spent on tracking expiration dates
  • Better customer experience
    Better Customer Experience
    0 expired products on the shelves

Zebra Registered ISV partner

YOOBIC is a registered ISV partner of Zebra technology which means YOOBIC is fully compatible with Zebra devices. By using Zebra devices to access YOOBIC, users in the grocery sector have a great user experience.

Zebra YOOBIC Partner