Collaborative Learning

Empower your Associates.
Boost your results.

Optimize conversion rates by strengthening your teams using interactive training, performance incentives, and collaborative learning.

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How you can empower your team with YOOBIC

Track and Reward Employee Achievements

Enhance your store associates’ knowledge, measure their performance based on your KPI’s, and recognize their accomplishments with employee incentives .

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Strengthen Your Team with Microlearning Courses

Easily onboard new employees in minutes or help improve specific skills with fun, interactive mini courses. All from the comfort of any mobile device

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Share Knowledge with Social Learning

Success is a team sport. With social learning, team members share their knowledge and best practices with fellow teammates, so the entire team, and the entire store can improve together.

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Learn How Yoobic Boosts Your Bottom Line

Studies showed that coaching, training and motivating sales teams can lead to a 5% sales increase and a 20% decrease in employee turnover.

Employee turnover

Optimized for Fun

Who says you can’t enjoy work? YOOBIC makes improving in-store performance fun and easy. With gamified learning experience inside our intuitive app, your teams will actually want to get better on their own.

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Go beyond
brick and mortar

Take YOOBIC with you no matter where you go. With an app compatible with every device, Your teams can gain skills, improve knowledge, and share results anywhere, anytime.

  • Speed Training
    Speed Training
    Onboard new employees and
    close knowledge gaps in minutes, not hours or days
  • Gamification
    Engage your store associates with challenges, badges and rewards
  • Real-Time Visibility
    Real-Time Visibility
    See how all your employees are performing and give personalized support when needed

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