YOOBIC Covid-19 Solution for retail
YOOBIC Covid-19 Solution for retail Mobile

COVID-19: Safe Retail Solution

Discover our special Post-COVID package for retailers to adapt quickly & effectively to the New Normal.

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Get Ready for the New Normal

The coronavirus crisis has dramatically changed the way stores need to operate. YOOBIC offers a special Safe Retail solution which is ready-to-go, helping retailers adapt quickly & effectively to this new environment:

  • Guarantee SafetyGuarantee Safety
    Guarantee Safety
    Ensure every location implements new in-store procedures to ensure the safety of customers & employees
  • Build TrustBuild Trust
    Build Trust
    Give evidence to employees and customers that they can have a safe experience in your stores

Implementation of New Health & Safety Procedures

• Create checklists to verify stores have the supplies needed to operate safely (posters, soap, hand sanitizer, masks, etc.)

• Ensure adherence to health guidelines and social distancing measures in every location

• Perform virtual store visits to give support when you can’t be there

• Use data as evidence in case of inspection by authorities

Build Customer Trust With Transparency

• Increase transparency by providing all customers with real-time info about your store sanitary procedures

• Remind customers about safety rules to be followed in your stores

• Display occupancy recommendations and levels in real-time to customers

Make Waiting Lines Safer with Virtual Queuing

Offer customers an alternative to waiting in line outside your stores with Virtual Queuing.

Give them the option to either:

• Put their name on the waiting list through scanning a QR code at the front of the store or on your website and get a text when it's their turn to come in

• Book an appointment from the comfort of their own home to avoid the queues and come whenever they want

virtual queuing

Support Frontline Teams With Mobile Learning

• Support employees and onboard new-hires with microlearning

• Create training courses on new sanitary hygiene procedures, social distancing practices or updated processes and policies

• Train quickly and effectively in a varied and engaging format

• Test employees with quizzes

Communicate With & Motivate Your Workforce

• Communicate efficiently and share important documents and procedures

• Create polls to collect employees' feedback and allay concerns

• Alert employees on the latest developments with push notifications

• Motivate and support your frontline teams by sharing successes and best practices

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